Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Fishing

Just Fishing
Today we went fishing. We started at about 2pm and fished for several hours. We had the perfect bait. We fished with worms and then resorted to fly fishing with dry flies and popping bugs. The
weather was just right. The temperature was cool the wind was still. The sun was at our backs and I couldn't have ask for a better day but apparently the fish did not think so. We did not bring home any fish. What I learned was that even tho all things seem just right sometimes you just simply do not catch fish. We put forth the right effort. We planned each strategy. We went on the best day. Our homework done and yet no fish. In comparison to be fishers of men we study, we live the life before them, we pray,we fast. We hunger to see souls saved. After all is done and we see that everything is in order sometimes we just leave empty handed without any being won. But there is always tomorrow. What I learned through all of this is Just keep on fishing. Tomorrow will be better and when all is said and done we will land a great catch. We started to leave and an older gentleman was sitting on the bumper of his truck just fishing. Like us he caught nothing. He was mostly enjoying his day when I spoke. I ask him if he goes to church to which he said yes I visit here and there. Smiling inside I said well how about visiting our church. "I sure will" he said. We pulled up the hill to tie down the boat and the man drove up and waved out the window as he drove off. See you next month he said. I will see you at church... Who knew that on this ordinary day of fishing I would end up fishing for men...Think I will just cast out there one more time. You just never know when the day will turn from catching nothing to catching something worth while.

Matthew 4:19

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

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