Sunday, March 19, 2017

What If ?

What If ?
What If ? What if I would do my best daily. What if I was thankful in all things like I should be. I am afraid I spend way too much time whining about the things I can't change. Things that do not matter anyway instead of being thankful for the things I should be acknowledging as important. Like how God in his infinite blessings once again just this week spared my Husbands life as he gasp for breath.
I found him just laying in the bathroom floor so out of breath. He was pale as a crisp white sheet and as cool. His breath came in wasp of deep deliberate inhalations. I looked at him with concern and ask what are you doing? He gazed at me and in a hushed voice that took way to much energy said I just could not make it back to my chair. Let me help you I said. As I took his arm and encouraged him to lean on me tears welled in my eyes but they were tears he would never see because at this time I will be brave. I took him to the hospital and was told he was in congestive heart failure. After a few days of treatment he is back home again and once again I am thankful for his life.   As I mull over these events I am reminded of how sometimes people are put in our lives for us to provide help. They are hurting, gasping within almost about to die spiritually. All they need is for us to offer to help them up and back to their chair. Back to that place where they can feel God one more time. They are sick spiritually and may be about to give up but need our prayers and our tears which they may never see. Our intercession that reaches heaven for others and grabs the attention once again of a God who cares deeply. He is just waiting for someone to call. Let it be me. Make me  more aware of my surrounding and the pain and needs of others. What If ? it is my voice he is waiting to hear. Speak Lord for I am listening.   

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