Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Learning To Trust

Learning To Trust
Some people may think that trust just happens. Well to some people it may just happen but for me it comes with learning. Much learning. Every time I think of trusting at the point when I think I am trusting I can  feel doubt creep in. I am continuing to have a hard time at work. I get called off a lot. Almost every time lately that I am scheduled to work I get a call to stay home. The census is down and all of us have been getting called off. So I pray... Then I try taking it into my own hands and apply for a job at the hospital where I used to work and the manager offered me the job but three weeks later and HR still hasn't called me. Well maybe I am rushing God. My bills are due and none have been late yet but soon they will be if things don't change. Oh God! forgive me... When I have given it to you I am now trying to take it back and handle things on my own. Well today and for the last week I have had this feeling like God is going to do something great for me. I know that if his word is true (and it is) then all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. I do love the Lord so why am I fretting? I will let you know how this works out...I have purposed in my heart to trust so next time I start to whine about my status I am going to purposely pray for someone else. There devil you have it. I am learning to trust. God has never, never, never let me down...

2 Kings Chapter 4

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