Saturday, May 21, 2016

Stand Your Ground

Stand your Ground
She was dressed for the occasion because the festivities called for that. To her husband she was the most beautiful lady ever. He cherished her. He had another wife who had given him children but still, it was Hannah that he loved. But that was not enough. Hannah had things, possessions that would have made any women happy but not so with Hannah. She wanted more, she needed more.
The party surrounded her. She could hear people laughing, and joking, and sharing pleasantries, as she sat quietly uttering not a word. Her heart ached within her chest as she excused herself walking slowly at first and then running away to a place where she could be all alone. On the steps she sat and then slumped because the burden in her heart would not allow her to sit up straight. Her soul cried out even though she could not be heard. Only her lips moved as the tears streamed down her face. From across the way Eli the priest saw her. Who could this woman be he thought. He watched as she cried and her body jerked with  deep sobs as if she was in agony. She must be drunk. He walked over to her thinking she was a mess. "Put away thy wine" he said to her in a stern voice, a little disgusted at what he saw. How could she be here at such a joyous event in a state like this. Her eyes were swollen and red. By now even her attire appeared disheveled. In a quiet hushed voice racked by pain she looked up at him, her eyes still moist from crying and said "No lord I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit: I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but have poured out my soul before the LORD."
Hannah had to have children or die!
     And now I ask how long has it been since we have pulled ourselves away from the fun things in life, The things that make us laugh. When have we allowed our hearts to meditate on that which is not pleasant. When have we been sober enough to realize that it is not the fun things that our children need, it is the grounded word of God. It is to instill in them that living for God is fun and necessary. When have we cried out to God so much that our voice left us and all we felt was that deep seated grief as if we have lost something precious. In fact the most precious thing in our lives. We better wake up! We better do something! We better train our ears for the call! The call to win our children and to snatch them back from the very hand of satan. Oh God! Have mercy upon us if we just stand quietly as they are drawn away and we do nothing to stop them. It is imperative that we develop plans, and games and music that will speak to their hearts and put the word of God into them. That we show them by example how to worship. That we create an atmosphere conducive to the moving of the spirit. The main thing is that we as their Grandparents, aunts and uncles, moms and dads must do everything we can to win them because satan is ever reaching, ever enticing, and at all times trying to pull them away. We must stand our ground.

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